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How Flowering Plants Have Changed the World

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How Flowering Plants, in my father's vegetable garden in the summer of 1973. They appeared to sprout overnight in a couple rows.

How Flowering Plants, in my father’s vegetable garden in the summer of 1973. They appeared to sprout overnight in a couple rows he had given to new neighbors from California that year. 바카라사이트

I was just six years old at the time and was put off by these gaudy flora. Such unusual and colorful flowers

Seemed out of place among the respectable beans, peppers, spinach, and other crops we had usually cultivated.

The brilliance of the sunflowers, on the other hand, gradually won me over.

Their blazing halos broke up the green monotony that had taken over the garden by late summer.

I was fascinated by birds that clung upside down on the hairy, gold disks, wings flying

Plundering the seeds. Sunflowers defined flowers for me that summer and changed my perspective on the world.

Flowers have a way of achieving that. They began altering the appearance of the globe

Practically as soon as they appeared on Earth some 130 million years ago, during the Cretaceous epoch.

That is very recent in geologic time: if all of Earth’s history were compacted into an hour

Flowering plants would exist for only the last 90 seconds. 카지노사이트

However, after they established a stable root system around 100 million years ago,

They rapidly diversified in an explosion of variety that formed the majority of the flowering plant groups of the current world.

Flowering plant species now outweigh those of ferns and cone-bearing trees, or conifers

Which had existed for 200 million years before the first bloom.

Flowering plants give us and the rest of the animal world with nutrients that is essential to our survival.

We humans would not be here if it weren’t for flowering plants,” says Walter Judd, a botanist at the University of Florida.

Flowering plants have come to control the worlds of botany and agriculture, from oaks and palms to wildflowers and water lilies, across kilometers of cornfields and citrus orchards to my father’s garden.

They also rule over an ethereal realm sought for by artists, poets, and ordinary people seeking inspiration, solace, or the mere joy of gazing at a blossom. 카지노 블로그

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