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Living Room Furniture Collection

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Living Room Furniture, Altering our bedrooms and bathrooms for the past eight years, Home is now presenting a piece living room collection.

Living Room Furniture, After altering our bedrooms and bathrooms for the past eight years, Parachute Home is now presenting a 15-piece living room collection. 온라인카지노

This is the brand’s first excursion into the realm of furniture outside of the bedroom. Following the success of its debut furniture collection of upholstered bed frames

Wooden nightstands, and sculptural benches last year, the Los Angeles-based home business expanded

Its offerings to include sink-right-in sofas, statement coffee tables, and lamps.

When inventor and CEO Ariel Kaye first launched Parachute to the world in 2014

Her goal was to make superior bedding—but she always had grander plans.

We’ve really had an eye on the whole house since the beginning

However, our approach has been to move slowly and be extremely cautious and smart in terms of how we’ve extended our assortment.

With its California-cool look and environmental ethics, Parachute quickly won over shoppers

And fans of its linens were keen to acquire its equally breezy bedroom furnishings.

Because the new seats, tables, and lighting are all based on the same modern-cozy vibe and eco-friendly materials, they’re almost certain to fly off the shelves. 카지노사이트

Jessica Schramm The Pillow Sofa, Strand Coffee Table, and Summit Side Table work well together.

Ariel and the Parachute team worked hard to create a collection of timeless core pieces that would function in any situation.

They sought to mix midcentury Danish sensibilities with West Coast flair, and were inspired by modern lines and subtle curves.

We softened edges that are generally more harsh and really tried to create something that felt comfy and classic while also being incredibly high quality, Ariel explains.

The Pillow Sofa exemplifies this clean yet relaxing aesthetic.

It welcomes both cocktail parties and extended naps, thanks to its slightly rounded design and a playful welt seam detail along the cushions.

The 84-inch two-seater is a home run when paired with the striking travertine and white oak Strand Coffee Table.

Living Room Furniture, simply think that lighting can really assist transform a space

Create a pleasant ambiance, and really carry you through different types of emotions, from day to night.

Of course, sustainability was taken into account at every stage of the design process.

The timber is all FSC-certified, and the fabrics are PFA-free, which means they do not contain chemicals that are dangerous to human health or the environment.

The upholstered components are produced to order to reduce waste. Although delivery can take 8 to 18 weeks,

It’s worth it to save the planet—and receive a gorgeous couch.

Sofas can be purchased for between $3,100 and $4,500. Side tables cost less than $1,000, and coffee tables cost less than $2,000. 카지노 블로그

The table and floor lights range in price from $499 to $899, and everything is available for purchase directly.

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