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THE ROUTINE, This week, I attended a talk given by beloved Susanna Viljamaa (founder of Our New Routine). It was about our daily routines.

THE ROUTINE, This week, I attended a talk given by beloved Susanna Viljamaa (founder of Our New Routine).

Was about our daily routines, personal routines, and the significance of developing and showing up for ourselves.

It was wonderful to shine a light on and appreciate the routines that I and the other females in the room have established for ourselves. 바카라사이트

Many of my minor rituals have evolved into a way of life over the last few years.

Many new ways of life have emerged for me, many of which may appear trivial to others but make a significant difference to me.

It’s often the small things that count, like a 10-minute YouTube workout every day, skincare routines, preparing beans, what music I listen to on my bike to work

And how I prepare for the day ahead. One crucial aspect of my day is how I prepare my bag every day

Which we might refer to as The Bag Routine.

You know how the everyday bag is such a need, yet it’s so simple to convert it into a never-ending pit?

I created my own Bag Routine to help me prepare for the next day and make it operate smoothly and simply every day.

Do it the night before to save myself the trouble of having to devote my precious early energies to it.

First, I look at my calendar to see what I have scheduled. My daily items/needs are organized into four “department themes.

  • The workplace
    The Beauty Salon
  • Snack stand
  • The Maathai tribe

These components are always the same, and as long as I have them, I have everything.

On business days, I usually carry my Bo Bardi bag or my Midi Curie bag, which you can learn more about in the Curated Minimalist bag collection. 카지노사이트

My O’Keeffe organizer, as well as a Nuuna notepad, charger, pens, and modest office supplies, may be found in the Office.

The Beauty bar is a little toiletry bag that contains lip balm, hand cream, blush, headache pills, SPF50, a sewing kit, perfume, and soap-on-the-go in a small can.

Water bottle, almonds, and vitamins on the Snack Bar I fast in the mornings, and when I am hungry, I have to eat quickly or I lose energy and mood.

On work days, I also bring a lunch box. I like that my lunch box and water bottle are smaller than many others I’ve seen.

Because I am frequently asked about mine, I have chosen to provide these favorite Food Accessories to you here at Bukvybag.

The Maathai is my Maathai organizer kit, which includes keys and a little wallet set in a large ring to which I attach a chain.

The bag routine of everyday-go-to-the-office-supplies has become as natural to me as washing my face – and it is wonderful.

It helps me feel prepared and as if I’m looking after my future self. It’s the simple things in life that make a big difference. 카지노 블로그

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